3D animation

3D animation is main expertise of our team. Our company provides both keyframe and Motion Capture-based animation, or combination of those. Wide experience and deep knowledge of animating practices ensures high quality that meets all requirements of our clients. Human, cartoon characters, creatures, engineering, medicine, machines, weapons, etc. – we are providing various types of 3d animation not limited by particular areas. Our company works in different 3D software such as Maya, 3ds Max, Motion Builder etc. – we are flexible for adjusting workflow to client requirements.

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Character animation

Human-like and cartoon character animation are our key company profiles. Our team is experienced in processing and cleaning massive amounts of motion capture data, as well as in keyframe animation where it is necessary. For creating realistic and attractive animation it is very important to have deep understanding of human movements nature – we are always keeping this as high priority. For mocap cleaning we use techniques to preserve “liveliness” of original motions – the key advantage of Motion Capture comparing to keyframe, which although could be lost if animator lacks appropriate knowledge base. We always pay attention not to “over clean” or “over smooth” mocap data and thereby retain original natural view.
Our company collaborates with Motion Capture recording studios so that we also can provide the complete cycle of preparing animation starting from mocap script and until finished animation, provided within a 3d software or integrated into a game engine.

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Character development

Our character artists have wide experience in creating characters for cartoons as well as realistic human models for gaming titles. We provide full cycle of character development, starting from sketch to fully textured and rigged models ready for animation or integration to game engine.
Ultra-realistic character requirements can be fulfilled by using 3d facial scans, in conjunction with advanced techniques for creating realistic skin, hair, eyes, etc. and ready for further facial animation.
It is often needed to develop a character for integration into the game engine – so that to do the optimal setup for model, materials, and shaders within certain limitations of technology. Our team is experienced with modern engines like Unity, Unreal Engine etc. and thereby can deliver models tuned for particular customer technology requirements.

Complex rigging and scripting

Convenient and efficient rigs are very important to ensure the overall animating performance and quality of the animation. Our team has expertise in creating advanced rigs and additional scripting, that significantly improves the animating experience and mocap cleaning, structuring and simplifying the process. We also created conversion solutions for the projects with strict limitations for the original rig, which helps to achieve both efficient animating process and remaining structure unchanged. Scripting and automation outside 3d packages are also often very useful – our development team can handle such tasks so that to ensure complete seamless workflow.

Physics simulation and animation

It is often needed to enrich animation with physical and cloth effects, or create completely physics-based scene. In our experience, we resolved challenging simulation tasks with high quality requirements and strict technical limitations. Our team could help you with any kind of physics simulation, merging it with keyframe animation, optimizing for integration into game engine and other technical tasks.

Concept Art

Concept art is usually very important stage of the projects. We can provide high quality concept art for various themes, thereby help to bring your ideas to life.

Creating models and environment

Our 3d art team has experience in creating different types of models and environments meeting particular technical requirements. We can provide models starting from small props to complete environments or levels integrated directly into game engine.