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3D Animation

3D animation is main expertise of our team. Human, cartoon characters, creatures, engineering, medicine, machines, weapons – our experience and deep knowledge of animating practices ensures high quality output.

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Character animation

Human-like and cartoon character animation is one of our key company profiles. Cleaning motion capture data while preserving original naturality, or creating graceful keyframe animation – we can help with any kind of these.

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Character development

Our character artists have wide experience in creating characters for cartoons as well as realistic human models for gaming titles. We provide full cycle of character development, starting from sketch to fully textured and rigged models ready for animation or integration to game engine.

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Complex rigging and scripting

Our team has expertise in creating advanced rigs and additional scripting, that significantly improves animating experience and mocap cleaning, structuring and simplifying process.

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Physics simulation and animation

We can help you with any kind of physics simulation, merging it with keyframe animation, optimizing for integration into game engine and other related technical tasks.

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Concept Art

Our artists have experience in creating concept art for various themes, thereby can help to bring your ideas to life.

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Creating models and environment

We can provide models starting from small props to complete environments or levels integrated directly into game engine

Who we are

We are a full-service 3D art and animation studio. Our key people have over 10 years of experience in art, animation, game development and training simulators


Dmitriy Paliy

Lead 3D Animator

Alexandr Gladkiy

3D Animator

Dmitriy Stoleru

3D Animator

Alexandr Krasnyh

Senior 3D Modeler

Why us?

We have over 10 years of experience in 3d art and animation industries, game development, educational and interactive software development. We achieved a lot of successfully finished projects, built partnership with clients from different subject areas.

We are proud of our 3d team – consisting of skilled Ukrainian 3d professionals with extensive experience in game titles (including AAA games), animated movies, cartoons. Our artists have a background in gaming companies such as Crytek, Ubisoft, 4A Games as well as big animation studios.

In addition to in-house team we have established collaboration with large number of remote professionals, thus giving possibility to confidently meet all deadlines by scaling up when needed.

Quality is one of our main priorities. Our 3d art and animation QA process ensures all quality criteria are met, so that clients do need to spend time on numerous reviews and feedbacks.

We always keep track of latest technologies and best practices. 3D industry is evolving with fast pace - in order to retain cutting edge knowledge our team continuously dedicates time for research and professional growth.

In addition to 3d technologies, we always pay attention to development and management internal workflows – as tools and infrastructure are always important to maintain and increase team performance. Investment into efficient workflow and toolset is especially needed for long-term projects and pays off – at the end of the day this ensures clarity and transparency for all parties, meeting deadlines and satisfied customers.

Finally, our services are not limited to 3d art. As a company, we can provide complex solutions, developed in collaboration with programming team ( Thus, it could be games, interactive trainings, engineering software and other – we are always willing to discuss any custom requirements and ideas.

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